Estimate Property Value for Bankruptcy

When a debtor who owns real estate (a home owner) files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the value of the house must be reported to the court. 

Home Appraisal for Bankruptcy

Many home owners are tempted to do an online search using an evaluation site like, ask a realtor, or use their county assessed property value from their tax bill.  None of these represent factual, up-to-date information that reflects the true value should the house be sold in today's current market conditions.  Most home owners need an appraisal if they feel their house may be worth less than the county value or some other inflated number provided from an unreliable website or real estate agent.

We can help in Cuyahoga, Lake, Medina, Lorain, Portage and Summit counties as well as all the other counties located in the general Northeast Ohio area. Ohio law has been known to allow persons filing bankruptcy to keep a certain amount of money in their home. We can help by providing a low cost appraisal which can do the trick while understanding the needs of our customers. Call for a free appraisal analysis from FAST Appraisals.